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«4pda is one of the two most effective Russian
 Internet resources for the promotion of mobile applications»
Kirill Petrov (Кирилл Петров), Managing Director of i-Free Innovations, 2012.


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You have successfully created an app or a game. That’s an accomplishment in itself. Great! But now comes the most difficult task — telling your audience about it, so that they could check your app out and buy it.

We don’t want to be Captain Obvious here, but the sad truth is that many developers are oblivious when it comes to promoting their creations. Here’s how we can help:  


1. No-one will buy your app if no-one knows about it

Let's face it — competition in the mobile app market is incredibly brutal. If you don’t know where and how to promote your app, chances are your potential audience won’t even know it exists. No-one will buy it, no-one will download it, and, in case of free apps, no-one will see the ads inside your app.


2. Why is it necessary to promote your apps?

It’s simple. Do you want people to know about it? Do you want your app to become popular? Do you want to reap the fruits of your labour? Promote your app. There is no alternative.


3. What can we offer?

Top-rated apps are the ones that bring their creators maximum profit. Getting to the top of the charts may seem impossible — but it is, in fact, doable. Before submitting your app to the store, you will need to create an effective promotion plan for it. And 4PDA can be part of that plan.


4. Advantages of promotion at 4PDA

  1. One of the largest audiences in Russian Internet segment (Runet).
  2. (10.8 million people as for January 2020 — only stores have even more consumers).
  3. A chance to quickly join the TOP-lists of the stores (which leads to a sharp increase in the number of downloads and purchases).
  4. Significant expansion of potential buyers’ audience.
  5. Your app will be more popular.
  6. Ad costs are considerably lower (due to a greater coverage of the target audience).
  7. You can wake up a millionaire.
  8. Reviews of other developers about promotion on 4pda.


5. How to promote the application with 4PDA

Based on our 9-years experience in the market, we have developed following promotional plans for mobile apps:

  1. Light — a simple and accessible way of publication. You prepare an overview (in Russian) by yourself and run it by our editors, who will help you make necessary corrections.
  2. Standard — one of our staff will review your app (in Russian). Our editors then will vet the text and make all the necessary corrections. You receive a review ready for publication. It will be published on our site.
  3. Complex — the most effective way to promote an app that includes a review (in Russian), support on social media, special banners (AppsPromo) on our website and discussion board.


Offer description Tariff plan:




Publication review


(written by editors)


(written by editors)
Discount for future publications 10%
Support on social media VK, Twitter, Facebook
Forecasting audience coverage (unique)* 140-170 ths. 140-170 ths. 280-310 ths.
Forecast views (unique)* 3-10 ths. 3-10 ths. 3-15 ths.
Cost $130 $180 $260
Pay method PayPal

* The forecasting coverage and the number of views is approximate and not a guarantee of a minimum or maximum coverage.
* Based on 4PDA’s internal statistics
* In our experience, the statistics strongly depends on the type and quality of the application.
4PDA reserves the right to refuse publication without explanation.


Limitations: tariff plans specified are valid only for the promotion of an app, not an app-based service (such as Uber, Qlean etc). If you run an app-based service, we have other tariffs for you that you can get from our manager after filling in the form below.


What should I do?

  1. Choose a plan.
  2. Fill in the Application Promotion Form.
  3. (This is a mandatory condition. Please provide accurate information when filling in the form).
  4. One of our managers will contact you with further instructions.
  5. (Letters are processed during working hours. Replies are usually sent within 24 hours).